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Faculty Staff

Jerzy Axer
Prof. Jerzy Axer is a Classical scholar, a specialist in reception studies, and the author of roughly 500 publications (15 books). In 1991 he established the pioneering Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition (OBTA) at the University of Warsaw – now one of the three main units of the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, of which he became the founder and its first Dean (20122016). He focuses on transdisciplinary research and cutting-edge experiments in education. Since the academic year 2016/2017 he has been the head of the Collegium Artes Liberales.

E-mail: axer@al.uw.edu.pl
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Małgorzata Borowska
Prof. Małgorzata Borowska is a classical philologist, Hellenist, Modern Greek scholar, translator of Modern Greek and Cypriot literature. Founder and manager of OBTA’s first laboratory: the Laboratory of Hellenic Studies (1997), and Poland’s first-ever university curriculum in Modern Greek Studies.

E-mail: hobbit@al.uw.edu.pl
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Katarzyna Jasińska-Zdun, MA is a graduate in classical philology, a specialist in palaeography and edition of neo-Latin sources. She is a member of the Laboratory for Source Editing & Digital Humanities. At the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, she teaches Latin, palaeopgraphy and digitial humanities.

E-mail: camena@al.uw.edu.pl
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Michał Kucharski, PhD is a classical philologist, his main field of research is Augustan literature (especially elegies of Propertius) and reception of Graeco-Roman Antiquity in the contemporary culture. 

E-mail: kucharski.michal@al.uw.edu.pl

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Dr. Karolina Anna Kulpa – culture studies scholar and historian of Antiquity; she researched the evolution of the image of Cleopatra VII from historical figure to pop-culture icon. She has studied reception of Classical Antiquity in toys and games for children and youth. She works as the Our Mythical Childhood Survey data base administrator in the ERC project. In her free time she develops her qualifications as soft skills trainer.

Katarzyna Marciniak
Prof. Katarzyna Marciniak is a classical philologist and Italianist. She focuses on the reception of Classical Antiquity and is involved in popularization activities. Ambassador Scientist of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Author of poems and books for children. Director of OBTA.

E-mail: kamar@al.uw.edu.pl
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Elżbieta Olechowska
Dr. Elżbieta Olechowska is a classical philologist and media scholar. The main field of her research involves the reception of Classical Antiquity in literature and audiovisual culture.

E-mail: elzbieta.olechowska@gmail.com
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Hanna Paulouskaya
Dr. Hanna Paulouskaya is a classical philologist. The main field of her research involves neo-Latin and source studies. She counducts also research on the reception of Classical Antiquity in the 19th–21st-centuries Belarus and Russia. 

E-mail: handziapa@gmail.com

Anna Skolimowska
Prof. Anna Skolimowska is a classical philologist. She specializes in neo-Latin studies, Latin paleography, source studies, critical editing. Head of the Laboratory for Editing Sources & Digital Humanities of the Faculty of Artes Liberales

E-mail: as@al.uw.edu.pl
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Robert A. Sucharski
Prof. Robert A. Sucharski is a classical philologist, linguist, Mycaenean scholar. Since September 2016 Dean of the Faculty of Artes Liberales

E-mail: sucharsk@al.uw.edu.pl
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Witold Wołodkiewicz
Prof. dr hab. Witold Wołodkiewicz – lawyer, specialist in Roman law, graduateof the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw. Performed various academic functions at the Faculty ofLaw and Administration of the University of Warsaw (Deputy Dean, Headof the Institute of History of Law, Chairperson of the Academic Councilof the Institute). In 2000 moved to OBTA, where he acted as the DeputyHead and Chairperson of the Academic Council.

E-mail: w.wolodkiewicz@uw.edu.pl
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PhD Students
Dorota Bazylczyk
Dorota Bazylczyk, MA is a graduate from the Collegium Artes Liberales (specialization: language–communication–ideas), with a BA in cultural studies–Mediterranean civilization and a BA in musicology. Great enthusiat of music, Italian culture, and work with children. A fan of travels. Since a few years she has been taking part in research projects dedicated to the reception of Classical Antiquity. She is preparing her dissertation within the project Our Mythical Childhood.

E-mail: dorota.bazylczyk@student.uw.edu.pl

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Joanna Kłos, MA is a graduate in Cultural Studies (Mediterranean Studies) and Classical Philology within the framework of the Collegium MISH. She studies the vocabulary covering the semantic field of gossip and is also involved in the reception studies.

E-mail: joanna.klos@student.uw.edu.pl

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Anna Mik, MA is a graduate in Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw. She is a member of the Laboratory for Research on Literature for Children and Youth. She studies the presence of mythical creatures in children's and young adults' literature in the context of Human-Animal Studies. A fan of Disney and Harry Potter. She is preparing her dissertation within the project Our Mythical Childhood.

E-mail: anna.m.mik@gmail.com
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